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Our Business Coach, Iain Macfarlane, has been a great help over the past two and a half years bringing clarity to our business strategy and improving our financial performance during difficult economic conditions for multi-store retailers.  With over sixty years as a family business with multiple generations, organizational lines become blurred and actions cannot necessarily be taken as they would in a no-family business where differences of opinion are resolved by the lines of authority. 
The 3rd party perspective of Iain as our Business Coach has been vital whether it is confirming decisions or forcing consideration of all options.  As our coach he further puts a higher level of accountability and adherence to timelines which is often absent in small businesses. Introducing Quarterly Manager meetings for business review and 90 day planning has added another dimension of team building and improving staff performance.
Finally, he has become a great friend, a vital sounding board and has introduced us to many networking opportunities.
Bob Lochner
CEO and Family Trustee
ACE Hardware Stores & River’s Edge Mall





My name is Jason Huett and I have been working with Iain Macfarlane for seven years.  I started working with Iain when I had one business and had decided to expand to a second location.  Although I was a business school graduate, I realized that many of the lessons I learned in business school were geared more towards working in a large, corporate environment, rather than growing a small business.
Iain has played an integral part in helping me not only expand to 3 locations, but also helping me to develope the licensing system to achieve growth on a larger scale.  This has given me the opportunity to explore other business ideas, including an online martial arts business (GymSensei), and focus on more entrepreneurial activities.  Like most entrepreneurs, I balance operations with strategic development.
I think many people believe that a business coach simply tells you what to do.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  A business coach asks the right questions in order to help a business owner come to the best conclusion for himself or herself.  Iain has an innate ability to ask the right questions and help his clients develop a mindset of success and vision.  As a martial artist, I know the importance of energy and Iain has a magnetic energy about him that energizes your soul and motivates you to achieve your best. And as I have said to many people, “iain is truly a Blackbelt at what he does”.
Over the years I have also become a close friend of Iain’s.  So close that I asked Iain to perform my wedding ceremony.  When my wife and I were considering who was to marry us we wanted somebody that had integrity, vision, and that ‘magic’ energy that we are entrepreneurs always try to embody.  We married this past June and consider Iain and his wife Madge to be a part of our family.  I joke quite often about the fact that Iain is part business coach, part life counselor, and friend as well.  I would definitely recommend working with Iain and know that he can help any business owner with growing his or her business and reaching new heights.

Jason Huett
Owner Kicks Unlimited, LLC.
Former Power Ranger Stuntman





Testimonial to the work of Iain Macfarlane
Goodman’s Jewelers has been working with Iain Macfarlane for several years now. As the President and Owner of Goodman’s I must say that Iain has greatly helped me with organization of my business. His help in creating a working budget with realistic goals and expense projections and by constantly monitoring the performance, we are now able to be proactive with our plans instead of reactive .
By combining a good budget plan with sound advice on advertising it has helped my company to trim our advertising from over 16% of sales to 9% ( with the goal of 6% in sight ).
Iain has also helped create more of a "Team" approach to our work environment . By having regular staff meetings where everyone has input, it has certainly given my staff more of a part of sharing in the success of the store.
Iain’s approach is thoughtful , respectful and effective . 

John E. Hayes
Goodman’s Jewelers







Thank you so much for sharing your vast expertise with my radio audience yesterday morning.  You were an excellent guest as I knew you would be. You articulated so well your years of experience and hands- on knowledge of what makes businesses successful.  As the economy continues to evolve, I would hope we could do a follow-up program at some point that will continue the conversation.

Carol Koby
"All About Living", Madison 1670 WTDY

Dear Iain,
You have been so dear to Bob and I. We are very grateful for all the time, knowledge, expertise and patience with us. Iain you are a mento to me and a person who has helped me personally to grow and be a better business owner and mother. You are an expert at what you do and will take many more businesses to greater heights. 

Kelly Gilboy
The Wine Boutique

As I was talking to another business owner explaining to her the extent at which I have worked with you (going on 3 1/2 years now!), I realized how much I have learned from you.  I want you to know how grateful I am for having the opportunity to work with someone who is so knowledgeable and passionate about helping other people achieve their dreams.  Much like a group of students I have worked with, the impact you are having on all of your ‘students’ will cause a ripple that will forever change our world.  Like I have said before, "You are truly a Blackbelt at what you do!”
Jason Huett, Owner, Kicks Unlimited martial arts school   


I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the work you did with our group, JRP Inc.

It is now over a year since we implemented the changes that were required to align my company to where both it, and I, needed to go.

We are seeing solid results from our key initiatives of staff reorg, and updated financial reporting systems. With the reorganization I am more able to manage the business rather than be the business. Our updated financials process allows us to make better decisions faster.

Most importantly, I have more personal freedom and am able to realize the fruits of my labor, while still enjoying work.
I also think the changes were welcome by the staff. We have a much clearer sense of who is responsible for what, which has empowered everyone in our group. It takes time to see the results, but I have to say that I have never been happier with how my work compliments my personal life.

I am grateful for your insight Iain.  I wish you nothing but the best.  And I won’t hesitate to call you if I need more of your perspective.

Warmest regards,

John Roach"


“Our work with Iain has helped us to continue to capture Market Share during a difficult housing economy. Iain’s insights, broad experience, and systematic approach helped us to develop systems and more importantly, the tools we needed to measure the results. This helped us to capture more customers, advertise more effectively, and keep focused on the most important parts of our business. I would recommend Iain to any business that is looking to break through stagnation, develop systems and grow to new levels!”

Tim Lightner

"Iain combines the high class of an experienced top level executive with the smile of an understanding mate. He truly listens."

Georges Gillet-Yant, 


“Gritton Design engaged Iain Macfarlane of ActionCOACH to assist us with establishing and prioritizing critical business initiatives, achieving financial stability in a volatile industry and business climate and to help us manage our growth.

As a business owner who developed from a freelance service provider into the Principal of a design firm with several employees, I had no professional business training and was therefore especially appreciative of Iain’s ability to remove the intimidation from and demystify the process of business development. From the first meeting I had practical action steps that made the previously daunting tasks of business management more manageable. In the first two months alone, ActionCOACH provided practical insights on business plan development, employee relations, internal management systems, marketing and more. And what’s more…we were given tools, techniques, references, resources and coaching at every step to assist us with planning and implementation.

Our work with ActionCOACH has been the college course on business I had never had and the Life Coach/Business Coach relationship I desperately needed in order to fill the shoes of owner/manager I had grown into but never quite knew how to wear. This investment is one of the best I’ve made. Like solid legal or accounting counsel, working with Iain Macfarlane and ActionCOACH pays itself back ten-fold.”

Allison Gritton
Gritton Design








"Dear Iain,
You have been so dear to Bob and I. We are very greatful for all the time, knowledge, expertise and patience with us. Iain you are a mentor to me and a person who has helped me personally to grow and be a better business owner and mother. You are an expert at what you do and will take many more businesses to greater heights."

~Kelly Gilboy, Owner of The Wine Boutique, Middleton, WI

"Iain is a great business coach. He has helped us restructure the entire company. We have taken a deep look at every process along the way. We are looking forward to the best year yet. Thanks Iain."

~Scott Frey – Owner of Frey Construction & Home Remodeling






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